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04-26-2011, 10:34 AM
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: Mar 2009
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|| - danbo ||

04-26-2011, 10:41 AM
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: Mar 2009
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04-26-2011, 10:55 AM
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: Mar 2009
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04-26-2011, 11:03 AM
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: Mar 2009
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The hot day
Enjoying the flowers
Staring at nothing
Looking at my self
Danbo love kitty
Relaxing @my bathtub.
Have you drink your fresh milk today?
Danbo addicted to Starbucks

Walking home

Danbo with Zakumi
The spirit of World Cup 2010

How tall I am

Checking my fans @facebook

Danbo is telling stories to the new friends @ the park

Danbo has to finish the desk today

Starring @ the window, hoping today the rain wont come again

i wish i could stop this rain from falling

iron man 3

Danbo vs Po
OMG! wish me luck guys

04-26-2011, 11:10 AM
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: Mar 2009
: 4,902

Is it me or another me, there @ the window ?

wanna play holahoop with me ?
Dont disturb me. Need more comcentration to finish me in this drawing
Do you still remember these old unique ball plays ?

Walking @ Danbo town

Playing the trash with Wall E

Laying @ sea sand

Come to me dear lizard Dont be afraid

Lost @ deep blue sea
@ Birds Museum

Day 61: Up close and very funny face: Jelly Danbo
Part seven of the awesome Hartanta Danbo gallery, Enjoy!

Day 62: Brush my teeth before eating more jelly.. haha
Day 63: This is how we do it, guys! watch it!
Day 64: Help me, Im Trapped in the green roots
Day 65: Across the street lines
Day 66: @Downtown with Danbodoggy
Day 67: Behind enemy lines
Day 68: Ready for my bento lunch
Day 69: Time to build my chest muscle
Day 70: First time playing the kite, hope the wind makes my kite fly higher and highe

Day 81: Celebrating 65th Indonesias Independence Day Tarik Tambang Competition
Part nine of the awesome Danbo Gallery by Hartanta.

Day 82: Celebrating 65th Indonesias Independence Day Makan Kerupuk Competition

Day 83: Celebrating 65th Indonesias Independence Day Balap Karung Competition

Day 84: Riding my new black scooter. Wanna join me?

Day 85: Climbing The Tree

Day 86: Ssst, dont tell anyone I eat this bunch of chocolate

Day 87: Oh no, Danbo has spill out the tea! and that makes Yotsuba angry Poor Danbo

Day 88: 65th Indonesias Independence Day Ceremony

Day 90: Baseball time. Hopefully this time will be a homerun

Day 71: Drinking cold beverages on this hot sunny saturday
Part eight of the awesome Hartanta Danbo gallery, Enjoy!

Day 72: Ill give you my warm hug, dear puppy
Day 73: Using the Alexander Graham Bells first invention. Hello there.. Can you hear me?
Day 74: Watch out for its explosion
Day 75: Watching my favorite TV show
Day 76: Danbo the sculptors, Dont moving around Puss! Or your statue will be moving too!!
Day 77: Lets Rock Everyone!!
Day 78: This is my 2nd doughnuts. You can choose yours after me
Day 79: Hiding among the green grass
Day 80: Afternoon sir Danbo. What cakes would you like to buy today?

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